Immersion Program

What better way to learn teamwork, leadership, and the art of communication than to immerse yourself in a consulting project whose outcome will have a profound impact on lives and businesses?

All students in the Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) Program enroll in The Practice of Consulting, a course during intersession of the first year.  In the fall of your first year, you will choose an immersion project – some are abroad, others near JHU – and then over intersession, in a teams, you will work intensively with your clients, listening to their problems and researching potential solutions. Currently, the trips abroad are to locations in Israel, Denmark, Portugal and Spain. There is also a local option at the JHU Hospital in Baltimore.


“The projects around consulting are not to channel into the consulting field, but instead acts as a gateway to give students a wide range of business management skills, so that they can approach any career opportunity with experience.” -Pam Sheff, Program Director

In January 2016, 8 Hopkins graduate students toured Portuguese startups, testing their consulting skills, during the Study Portugal Network’s Faculty Led Programs.

See the video from the 2019 Portugal Immersion Program:


Here are videos from the 2019 & 2020 Israel Immersion trips:


The 2015 Immersion class went to Israel and Panama as well as Baltimore.  See below for journals from these locations.


“You see those pictures everywhere that depicts Israel is very proud of its history and wants everyone visiting the country to know about it.” – Prateek Khamesra

Read Prateek’s blog about his Israel experience.

“ThinkImpact Social Innovation Institute and Johns Hopkins University Program, Panama: Developing a Business Plan: Interacted with members of a rural community despite facing a language barrier to use local resources for creating sustainable change. Created a local business, a monthly handicraft and agricultural produce market, handling aspects like marketing, sales, budgeting and eventual expansion.” – Nitya Dixit

Read Nitya’s blog about her Panama experience.


Transnational experience
A student with international experience will be better prepared to work in teams with people from different backgrounds and with different views. They are also more likely to be more open-minded, flexible and able to adapt to any situation. International exposure opens the mind to different ways of thinking and challenges students to consider innovative approaches and solutions. ”Kerrie-Ann Stein-Goujon, Head of Employment and Recruitment, Airbus Group qtd. in “What are employers really looking for when hiring graduates?” (European Association for International Education, 2012, p.25)
Pearson Efficacy & Research, Employability in Higher Education: A review of practice and strategies around the world, University of Exeter, March 2016, page 29

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