Gain experience in teamwork, leadership, and the art of communication through immersion in a consulting project whose outcome will have a profound impact on lives and businesses.

All students in the Master of Science in Engineering Management Program enroll in The Practice of Consulting, a course that runs during the intersession semester (January) of students’ first year of study. Students will choose an immersion project—some abroad, others close to the JHU campus—during their first semester. Over intersession, students will travel to their client’s location and work intensively in small teams, researching potential solutions to their client’s most pressing problems. Currently, students work with companies and organizations in England, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, and Baltimore.   

The projects around consulting are not to channel into the consulting field, but instead acts as a gateway to give students a wide range of business management skills, so that they can approach any career opportunity with experience.

Pam Sheff MSEM Director