Together, the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Researchand the Whiting School of Engineering established an Engineering Collaborative for Patient Safety, with the purpose of bringing together engineering talent with clinicians to analyze priority patient safety issues. 

The Hospital Project begins during MSEM orientation. All incoming students participate in this project as a part of the course Strategies for Innovation and Growth during their first fall semester.  

“I enjoyed my time working with my team’s clients at Johns Hopkins Hospital. When applying for jobs the following fall I mentioned my experience in every interview. Each time the interviewer was impressed: I had the opportunity to carry out very similar work that I will be doing as an analyst at a consulting firm. The project consisted of market research, patent/technology review, and strategic planning for our client. At our final presentation, our clients, who all had PhDs, listened to our ideas, even though they were the experts in the field. This real world experience allowed me to use the skills I had acquired in my MSEM classes as well as learn new ones that will be beneficial in my career.”

Schaffer Ochstein MSEM '16