An International, Connected, and Innovative Engineering Management Program

The Master of Science in Engineering Management program delivers an international, connected, and innovative experience to its students through: 


  • Top engineering, science, and math graduates from all over the globe – from Australia to India, Canada to California – choose to pursue the MSEM degree at JHU’s prestigious Whiting School of Engineering.
  • Between first and second semesters, our students explore business cultures at home and abroad through our immersion experience.
  • This year students are consulting for start-up clients in Denmark, Portugal, Israel, Spain, and Baltimore.


  • MSEM is a small cohort, project-based program designed to create strong networks for life. Do you see yourself starting a company or a social enterprise? Creating new technology? Working in Silicon Valley or a top consulting firm? Our faculty and alums put their contacts to work, developing opportunities for you to build your career.
  • Our program offers a balanced number of engineering technical tracks and management courses, positioning you to innovate technically while building your professional acumen. See the expanding list of our technical tracks.


  • You intend to be a leader who shapes the future. Our resources are focused on preparing you to achieve your leadership goals. Our management courses stress leadership, teamwork, ethics, and innovation in a real-world context.
  • Our Immersion Experience takes you into the start-up environment, positioning you for the challenges of entrepreneurship and commercial translation, no matter what field you choose.

The small cohort size allowed for extensive interaction amongst students as well as faculty members. Added with the willingness of faculty members to mentor and guide us in our endeavors and MSEM earns a place very close to my heart.

Zeel Shah MSEM '20

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