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Home to Hopkins is an opportunity for students interested in pursuing Engineering Management, to complete the MSEM degree completely online (2+0), or partially online, (1+1).


You will be joined by classmates that share your passion and qualifications to create and develop engineering solutions that will change lives around the world.


Home to Hopkins students complete a technical track & a management track. The Technical Tracks are listed below per program:

Home From Hopkins 2+0 technical tracks are: Civil Engineering, Environmental Systems, Economics & Public Policy, Probability & Statistics, Operations Research, Systems Engineering, Smart Product & Device Design, and Communications Science.

Home to Hopkins  1+1 technical tracks can be found here: https://msem.engineering.jhu.edu/technical-tracks/
With advisor permissions, 1+1 students may also be allowed to count up to two online technical courses through EP.
Find the pre-approved Computer Science EP courses here: Pre approved EP courses CS



All H2H students are expected to complete the following requirements:

  • Five advanced technical courses of engineering or applied science approved by your technical advisor and per the relevant technical tracks.
  • All technical courses are taken in the second year of study.
  • For the Management track, students must complete nine (9) required half-semester modules, one (1) required capstone, and one (1) elective. Please note: all management track courses are online only. Management advisor to be assigned.

Fall Semester, first half courses:
EN.663.700 Strategies for Financial Accounting
EN.663.702 Leadership Theory & Practice

Fall Semester, second half courses:
EN.663.701 Strategies for Managerial Accounting
EN.663.644 Writing with Clarity
EN.663.673 Leading Teams in Virtual, International and Local Settings

Spring Semester, first half courses:
EN.663.675 Communicating in a Crisis
EN.663.669 Foundations for Sustainable Enterprise
EN.663.705 Capstone: Communicating Effectively as a Leader (meets all semester, every other week

Spring Semester, second half courses:
EN.663.706 Global Marketing
EN.663.704 Communicating Clearly in the Workplace

Year Two:
Please note that in the second year, students will be required to enroll in a minimum of nine credits per semester – a combination of required technical courses and electives.

  • No grades lower than C may be applied to the degree. Only one C may be used toward the degree. H2H Check Sheet
  • All courses must be at the 600-level or higher.
  • Non-JHU courses will not count toward degree completion.



Tuition for the H2H 1+1 Hybrid Program will be $6,048 per 3-credit course in year one (approximate while in a part-time, online status). Year two tuition will be approximately, $60,480*per academic year while in a full-time, residential status. All full-time international students will be required to enroll in the health insurance plan at approximately $2,415/academic year.*

Tuition for the extended Home to Hopkins program 2+0  will be $6,048 per 3-credit course*

*Approximate, subject to annual increases

Read more here: https://engineering.jhu.edu/education/graduate-studies/online-engineering-management-masters-2/





          • GRE (JHU Institution Code: 4655; Engineering Management Code: 1699)
          • TOEFL or IELTS (waived for applicants whose native language is English as well as international applicants who have received or will receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an institution in any country for which English is the native language) TOEFL minimum score for acceptance is 100 (internet based) and 7.0 minimum score for IELTS.
            TOEFL Code for JHU WSE: C559
          • Statement of Purpose
          • Transcripts (original)
          • Resume
          • $25 application fee
          • Letters of recommendation (3)
          • Video Interview: please record a video of yourself (no more than 5 minutes in length) answering the following:
            1. Define the term “leadership”
            2. Give an example of a time when you were leading a team and things did not go as planned.
            3. What did you do?
            4. What lessons did you take away from the experience?
            Enter the url for your video interview. 
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