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Required Courses

Approval of substitutions for required courses are at the discretion of the technical advisor.

Energy Technology Group: choose at least 1

030.404 Electrochemical Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage
510.405 Materials Science of Energy Technologies
510.627 Photovoltaics and Energy Devices
540.619 Projects in Design: Alternative Energy
540.630 Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics 

Systems Management Group: choose at least 1

520.629 Networked Dynamical Systems
530.664 Energy Systems Analysis
570.607 Energy Policy and Planning Models
570.697 Risk and Decision Analysis 

Electives: choose up to 3

030.403 Optoelectronic Materials and Devices: Synthesis, Spectroscopy, and Applications
271.402 Water, Energy and Food
410.777 Biofuels
425.604 Energy and Climate Finance
420.616 Environmental Consequences of Conventional Energy Generation
425.601 Principles and Applications of Energy Technology
425.625 Solar Energy: Science, Technology and Policy
425.640 The Future of the US Electric System in a Carbon-Constrained World
530.629 Simulation and Analysis of Ocean Wave Energy Systems
570.657 Air Pollution
570.695 Environmental Health and Engineering Systems Design
615.448 Alternative Energy Technology
680.697 Global Energy Fundamentals
680.714 Energy, Environment and Development in Developing Countries
680.730 Global Electricity Markets
680.790 Principles of Energy Economics and Finance
680.792 The Water, Energy and Food Nexus
680.855 Life Cycle Assessment
680.852 Energy Poverty
810.761 Energy in the Americas: Conflict, Cooperation and Future Prospects 

Other elective courses must be approved at the advisor’s discretion.