Sponsored by the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 

When electing a track in ECE, here are additional options as to what you can pursue: 

1) Human Language Technologies 

2) Photonics and Device Physics

3) Microsystems and Computer Engineering 

4) Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence 

5) Signal Processing and Sensory Processing

Students must take at least five (5) courses to satisfy the technical course requirement. These courses may be distributed as follows:

  • At least 2 graduate-level (600-level or higher) ECE courses (course numbers EN.520.xxx)
  • At most 3 graduate-level WSE courses from other departments

Whiting School of Engineering for Professionals courses (WSE EP courses) can count towards either of these requirements. WSP EP courses that will count as ECE courses have course numbers EN.525.xxx. Other WSE EP courses can be approved as ECE courses at the discretion of the technical advisor.

WSE courses from the Center for Leadership Education (course numbers EN.66x.xxx) do not count towards the technical coursework requirement. 

WSE EP Courses in Engineering Management (course numbers EN.595.xxx) do not count towards the technical coursework requirement.