Sponsored by the Department of Computer Science

The student must take at least 5 courses to satisfy the technical coursework requirement.  These courses may be distributed as follows: 

  • Three computer science courses taught by the WSE CS Department (course numbers 601.6xx, 601.7xx) 
  • Two electives, with the approval of the CS advisor. These may be graduate-level courses from any WSE department or EP courses. 
    • If selecting an elective outside of the computer science field, the student must present a formal, written rationale of how the course fits with the student’s educational goals, together with a copy of the course syllabus. The written rationale, syllabus, and advisor’s approval will be kept with the student’s MSEM records. 
    • Approval of any individual student’s elective course will not create a precedent guaranteeing that other students will be able to count the same course toward their 5 course requirement.