Sponsored by the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  

Required Courses (5)

*must be 600-level
Approval of substitutions for required courses are at the discretion of the technical advisor. 

Core Requirements
  1. EN.540.671 Advanced Thermodynamics in Practice 
  2. EN.540.604 Advanced Transport Phenomena in Practice 
  3. EN.540.673 Chemical Reaction Engineering in Practice** 

**New policy change regarding the Core 3 course requirement: 

Effective for students entering Fall 2021 or later, any of the following six courses can count towards Core 3, regardless of undergraduate background: 

  • EN.540.673 Adv Chemical Reaction Eng in Practice (now to be held in Spring 2023 and future Springs) 
  • EN.540.602 Metabolic Systems Biotechnology (typically held in Fall, not held Fall 2022) 
  • EN.540.615 Interfacial Science w/ App to Nano Systems (typically held in Fall) 
  • EN.540.632 Projects in Design: Pharmacokinetics (typically held in Fall) 
  • EN.540.638 Adv Topics in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics I (typically held in Spring) 
  • EN.540.681 Molecular Kinetics and Catalysis (typically held in Spring)