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August 1, 2019

MSEM Immersion Projects: January 2020

What better way to learn teamwork, leadership, and the art of communication than to immerse yourself in a consulting project whose outcome will have a profound impact on lives and businesses?  All students in the Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) Program enroll in The Practice of Consulting, a course that begins over intersession of the first year and continues into the spring semester. In the fall of your first year, you will choose an immersion project – some are abroad, others near JHU – and then over intersession, in a team of 3 – 4 people, you will work intensively with your clients, listening to their problems and researching potential solutions.  As second semester unfolds, you and your team will continue to consult with your clients, often remotely, as you refine your solutions.  In April, you will present your solutions to the client and the entire MSEM community.


Read the descriptions of the 2020 immersion programs:

Denmark Immersion: Copenhagen

In partnership with the Master’s in Management program at the Danish Technical University(DTU), the MSEM Immersion – Denmark program brings DTU Master’s students and JHU MSEM students together in project teams working with Danish based Engineering firms as clients. Students in the MSEM Immersion –Denmark program will learn to identify solutions to client problems by honing the skills necessary to gain the information needed through qualitative, quantitative, and benchmarking methodologies to inform solutions. MSEM students will live in the beautiful city of Copenhagen and in addition to the academic program, students will travel to Kronberg Castle in Helsinborg Denmark, and spend three days in in Stockholm, Sweden.

Israel Immersion: Haifa

Dates: Leave Sunday Dec 29, Return Thursday Jan 16

Location: Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in Haifa; visiting Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv

Based at the Technion, Israel’s first university and one of the world’s leading institutions for science and technology research, this three-week intensive course introduces students to Israel’s global entrepreneurial scene. Students will hear from Israeli entrepreneurs, tour Israeli companies, and get a taste of Israel’s unique culture, while learning how the country’s unique ecosystem supports the development and marketing of high-tech products. Students will participate in the Technion’s 3DS event and work with their Israeli counterparts to generate an idea for a new venture creation.  After the conclusion of the 3DS, students will continue to work on these projects or start the process of identifying and winnowing ideas afresh.  Either way, all students will prepare the business plan for an innovative technology of their own design.


Maryland Immersion: Baltimore

Last January, students gained practical experience providing consulting services to the Technology Innovation Center (TIC), a startup incubator for the Medical School. A team of physicians had created a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Longitudinal Viewer and were unsure where its market was currently and where it might go in the future. The visualization tool receives medical information from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and presents it in an easily digestible visual format. This provides multiple benefits over the traditional EMR interface: it identifies symptoms faster, improves effectiveness of the treatment process, and decreases the medical institution’s expenses.

Students were tasked with identifying the competitive landscape and the potential market size, and with suggesting strategies for utilization testing and deployment. The students went beyond this request, identifying additional features that would differentiate the tool from its competitors and discovering a potentially major flaw in the current tool’s visual graphics. Through this experience, students gained teamwork skills, practiced writing collaboratively in one unified voice, experienced managing a client, and practiced strategic planning, competitive analysis, and identifying customer needs.

Portugal Immersion: Braga

The Portugal Immersion Program enables students to put their management and engineering expertise to use in a real-world setting by pairing teams of MSEM students with research groups at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga, Portugal. Past projects have involved market and competitor analysis, the identification of key advantages and consumer interests, and the development of market entry strategies for a range of innovative products and technologies. In addition to working with clients at the INL, students spend extended weekends immersed in Portuguese culture, touring new locations and sampling cuisine under the guidance of the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN), a non-profit program that seeks to promote Luso-American cooperation.


Spain Immersion: Madrid

The Practice of Consulting in Madrid for January 2020 will focus on technical innovation and entrepreneurship.  Students will work with start-ups from the UC3M Science Park as well as Medux, a more established firm in central Madrid.  Consulting questions will center on market entry strategies.  Students will live in apartments in Central Madrid and participate in a variety of cultural experiences including travel to Toledo, El Escorial and Grenada.

We are hoping to add more locations to the immersion program in the future!


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