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Accordion Title - Required Title. 1-8 words (up to 65 characters)

Accordion Decription - Optional
Here is the optional test accordion title for the accordion component.

Accordion Item 1 Title*
1-8 words (up to 55 characters)

Accordion Item 1 WYSIWYG*
Each accordion-item requires a description. 15-200 words (up to 1,250 characters)

Accordion item 2 WYSIWYG* (Item Optional, Title Required)
Each accordion-item requires a description. 15-200 words (up to 1,250 characters)


Title*: 1 - 6 words (up to 40 characters)
Description: 5 - 65 words (up to 350 characters)
Links: Internal or Externally referenced. 1-3 words (up to 20 characters)

The Call-to-Action description adds additional context to the title. You can have the link go to an internal page, or to a page outside the JHU ecosystem.

Card Group

Group Title: 1-6 words (up to 40 characters)*
Group Description: 35- 40 words recommended (230 characters recommended)

  • Student award winner portrait.

    Card Title #1

    Regular Card Title* 1-3 words (up to 25 characters) Regular Card Description* 15 – 50 words (up to 320 characters)

  • Stained glass of Johns Hopkins University seal

    100%of Graduates

    All graduates are satisfied with their choice to attend Johns Hopkins University.

Topic Row

Use the optional Group Title to give context to a grouping of topic row links. At minimum, one topic is required.

Group Title: 1 - 15 words (up to ~65 characters)
Group Description: 1 - 35 words (~230 characters recommended)

Topic Row Item

The description gives further context about the topic.

Row Topic #1: (up to ~45 characters)
Description: Up to 40 words (~250 characters recommended)

The WYSIWYG Editor is a multi-purpose editor that allows for tables, images, and usage of structured content.


Contact Info - Referenced

Contact information in this block pulls from 'People' in the menu. Enter the contact information in 'People' to have it show up in the listing of available people.

Contact Info - Manual

Grouping Title: ~65 characters recommended
Grouping Description: ~230 characters recommended

First Name, Last Name

Associate Director