Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Sponsored by the Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Students must take five courses from the list below; at least ONE course must be at the .600 level.

UG calculus, chemistry, and physics

  • 510.422 Micro and Nano-Structured Materials and Devices
Substitutions for required courses can be made at the advisor’s discretion.

Electives (3)

    510.400 Introduction to Ceramics
    510.403 Materials Characterization
    510.405 Materials Physics
    510.422 Micro- and Nano-structured Materials and Devices
    510.426 Biomolecular Materials
    510.428 Materials Science Laboratory I
    510.429 Materials Science Laboratory II
    510.430 Biomaterials Lab
    510.431 Biocompatibility of Materials
    510.456 Introduction to Surface Science
    500.619 Fundamental Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials
    510.604 Mechanical Properties of Materials
    510.605 Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
    510.606 Chemical and Biological Properties of Materials
    510.607 Biomaterials II
    510.608 Electrochemistry
    510.611 Solid State Physics
    510.612 Solid State Physics
    510.617 Advanced Topics in Biomaterials
    510.619 Biopolymer Synthesis
    510.620 Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Metals
    510.622 Micro- and Nano-Structured Materials and Devices
    510.624 Theory of X-ray Diffraction
    510.650 Principles of Quantum Physical Interactions
    510.657 Materials Science of Thin Films
    510.665 Advanced Topics in Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials

  • 670.619 Fundamental Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials (PR: Permission of the instructor)
  • Courses not on this list can be used at the advisor’s discretion.

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