Sponsored by the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering.

Required Courses from Environmental Health and Engineering

  • EN.570.367. Sustainability Science and Policy: The Threat of Climate Change. 3 Credits.
  • EN.570.695. Environmental Health and Engineering Systems Design. 3 Credits.
  • EN.188.682. A Built Environment for A Healthy and Sustainable Future. 3 Credits.
  • EN.660.655. Reimagining the City to Resist Climate Change. 3 Credits.

Required Courses from the Center For Leadership Education

(in addition to the courses required for the MSEM Management Track)

  • EN.663.669. Foundations of a Sustainable Enterprise. 1.5 Credits.

Elective Courses from Environmental and Health Engineering (Choose 1)

Engineering Options
  • EN.570.110. Introduction to Engineering for Sustainable Development. 3 Credits.
  • EN.570.498/698. Pursuing Sustainability Policy. 2 Credits AND EN.570.499/699 Pursuing Sustainability Policy: Knowledge to Action (1-credit seminar)
  • EN.575.711. Climate Change and Global Environmental Sustainability. 3 Credits.
Public Health Options
  • AS.180.611. The Global Environment, Climate Change, and Public Health.  4 Credits.
  • AS.180.620. Introduction to Food Systems and Public Health.  4 Credits.
  • AS.180.641. Climate Change and Public Health Problem Solving Seminar: Global Challenges and Solutions for Mitigation, Adaptation, and Sustainability. 3 Credits
Arts & Sciences Options
  • AS.420.610. Sustainable Business. 3 Credits.
  • AS.420.612. Sustainability Science: Concepts and Challenges. 3 Credits.
  • AS.420.644. Sustainable Cities. 3 Credits.
Advanced International Studies Options
  • AS.310.708. Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing. 4 Credits.
  • AS.500.102. Corporate Sustainability, Business & Human Rights. 4 Credits.
  • AS.500.128. Sustainable Development in the Era of Climate Disruption. 4 Credits.
  • AS.510.127. Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing. 4 Credits.
  • AS.999.165. ESG and Sustainability Analysis.