Program Structure and Requirements

The residential MSEM program is typically a 3-semester program.


Students in the MSEM program are required to complete:

    • Five advanced courses (fifteen credits) in a declared technical track of engineering or applied science. The fifteen technical tracks are listed here. **Up to two courses may be applied from Engineering for Professionals per the advisers discretion.**
    • All MSEM students will participate in a cohort program. Students in an entering class will take a suite of management courses with required courses taken as a cohort. All Management Cohorts begin anew in the fall semester. The Center for Leadership Education has constructed a project-based program tailored to the needs of future engineering managers.

Please refer to the MSEM Guide Book and Check Sheet

If you are interested in the distance program through EP, please find more on the program & its requirements here.


All Whiting School of Engineering master’s degree candidates must meet the requirements found below.

  • Every student must register for a minimum of two semesters as a full-time, resident graduate student (not applicable to bachelor’s/master’s concurrent students).
  • Every student must be registered in the semester that degree requirements are met.
  • A minimum of fifteen credits are required for technical course completion
  • Every student must provide certification by a department or program committee that all departmental or committee requirements have been fulfilled.
  • All courses applied to the master’s degree must be at the 600-level or higher. Courses at the 400-level require technical advisor permission. At their discretion, individual graduate programs may institute a higher course level as the minimum for their own students.
  • Every student must earn the master’s degree within 5 consecutive academic years (10 semesters). Only semesters during which a student has a university-approved leave of absence are exempt from the ten semester limit; otherwise, all semesters from the beginning of the student’s graduate studies–whether the student is resident or not—count toward the ten semester limit.

In addition, the following coursework requirements apply specifically to students in the MSEM program:

  • Candidates must complete all of the required courses.
  • No grades lower than C may be applied to the degree; only one C will be counted toward the degree.
  • All courses must be at the 600-level or higher.
  • The course requirements and options are described elsewhere on this website. Departments sponsoring technical tracks may impose stricter requirements for coursework within the track.

At the discretion of the student’s advisor, an MSEM student may be permitted to double-count up to two JHU courses (in accordance with conditions in the WSE Policy on Double-Counting Courses).

**Please note: Per MSEM policy, non-JHU courses will not count toward degree completion. 

**For the fall 2020 & spring 2021 semesters, MSEM will allow up to two P/F grades per semester.

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