Our mentored internship program encourages you to reflect on your work experience in real time and guides you to improved performance.  While students are responsible for finding their own positions, Dr. Bill Smedick, our MSEM Internship Director, and JHU Career Services can help with your search. Most students take this 3 credit course during the summer between the second and third semesters, although incoming students who have arranged for an internship during the summer prior to enrollment may take the course prior to first semester.

While the program does not require the internship course, we strongly encourage it.

Requirements: The internship must be approved by the MSEM Director of Internships, Dr. William Smedick.  The course includes regularly scheduled meetings with the Internship Director, usually by phone or skype, a class presentation and a final report related to the internship experience when the internship is completed.  For more information, please contact Dr. Smedick:

Current Internship opportunities:
Dassault Systemes: Life Sciences, Business & Innovation Consultant Internship, Waltham, MA
**Note: Please disregard the ‘January-June 2019’ dates and the ‘MBA’ requirement–the dates are flexible and the MBA requirement does not apply to MSEM. The only requirement is that the student is available for up to six months (e.g. June-December 2019). 


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