Academy Industry Bridge Event

October 21, 2016

This event took place on Saturday 15 October 2016 at The Foundery, the new Under Armour maker space and was a collaboration between the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland and academics at various universities, including Johns Hopkins. The student teams were from engineering, manufacturing, technical, industrial engineering, industrial design, business management and related courses. It was a diverse group who worked together to solve both technical and business related problems. Working with Dr. Mike Galiazzo of RMI was Dr. Pamela Sheff, JHU Engineering Management Master’s Program Director, a sponsor and organizer of this event, along with Dr. Nathan Scott, Director of the WSE Design Center.

This event gave students:
• A chance to meet and interact with engineers in industry;
• A chance to see how they (students) measure up to the standards of industry;
• A chance to meet senior industry leaders who are hiring;
• Free food!
• One month free membership to The Foundery!

Manufacturers were excited about this event because:
• It showed students that manufacturing is an exciting profession and thus will attract some of the top young engineers in the state;
• It helps identify young engineers for recruitment.



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