Operations Research

Sponsored by the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics

*NOTE: Innovation and Design II does not count as a technical course in Operations Research.

Any five (5) of the following courses, approved by the faculty advisor:

553.761 Nonlinear Optimization I

553.762 Nonlinear Optimization II

553.766 Combinatorial Optimization

570.697 Risk and Decision Analysis

570.608 Uncertainty Modeling for Policy & Management Decision Making

570.495 Mathematical Foundations for Public Decision Making

553.400 Mathematical Modeling and Consulting

570.693 Economic Foundations for Public Decision Making

570.696 Urban and Environmental Systems

570.607 Energy Planning and Policy Models

553.626 Introduction to Stochastic Processes

553.627 Stochastic Processes and Applications to Finance

553.628 Stochastic Processes and Applications to Finance

553.633 Monte Carlo Methods

553.663 Network Models in Operations Research

553.639.  Time Series Analysis

553.641.  Equity Markets and Quantitative Trading

553.642.  Investment Science

553.644.  Introduction to Financial Derivatives

553.645.  Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives

553.646.  Risk Measurement/Management in Financial Markets

553.647.  Quantitative Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis

553.648.  Financial Engineering and Structured Products


Substitutions from this list can be made at the advisor’s discretion.

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