Operations Research

Sponsored by the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics


• Calculus-based background in Probability and Statistics. Students wishing to strengthen their background in this area may enroll in 550.420 (probability) and/or 550.430 (statistics), but these courses may not be used in fulfillment of this concentration’s requirements.

Required Courses (3)

1. Either 570.495, Mathematical Foundations for Public Decision Making OR 550.661 Foundations of Optimization

2. 570.697, Risk and Decision Analysis

3. Either 570.608 Uncertainty Modeling for Policy & Management Decision Making OR 550.400 Mathematical Modeling and Consulting

Substitutions for required courses can be made at the advisor’s discretion.

Elective Courses (2)

Any two courses from the following list, or a substitution as approved by the student’s concentration advisor. As course offerings vary over time, an updated list of acceptable courses will be maintained on the MSEM program website.

• 570.496 Math Models/Urban System

• 570.607 Energy Planning and Policy Modeling

• 550.662 Optimization Algorithms

• 550.426 Stochastic Processes

• 550.427 Stochastic Processes in Finance

• 550.433 Monte Carlo Simulation

• 550.463 Network Models

Courses not on this list can be used at the advisor’s discretion.

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