Mechanics and Materials

Sponsored jointly by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering


Required Courses
510.601 Structures of Materials
510.604 Mechanical Properties of Materials
530.605 Mechanics of Solids & Materials

Substitutions for required courses can be made at the advisor’s discretion. 

Elective Courses
Any two (2) of the following courses, approved by the faculty advisor:
510.403 Materials Characterization
510.428 Materials Science Laboratory I
530.405 Mechanics of Advanced Engineering Structures
530.414 Computer-Aided Design
530.416 Advanced Mechanical Design
530.418 Aerospace Structures
530.454 Manufacturing Engineering
510.602 Thermodynamics of Materials
510.603 Phase Transformations in Materials
530.612 Computational Solid Mechanics

Courses not on this list can be used at the advisor’s discretion.

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