Environmental Systems Analysis, Economics & Public Policy

Sponsored by the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering


Required Courses (3)

    • Economics (preferably with calculus) This requirement may be waived by their advisor if the student has already had an intermediate microeconomics course. A list of qualifying courses is available from the advisor.
    • Mathematics of Decision Making (i.e., 570.695 Environmental Health and Engineering Systems Design)
    • Policy and Decision Making (570.697 Risk and Decision Analysis or equivalent.or 570.607 Energy Planning and Policy Modeling)
    Elective Courses (2)
    • 570.496 Mathematical Models for Managing Urban and Environmental Systems
    • 570.618 Muti-Objective Programming and Planning
    • 570.676 Stochastic Programming
    • other courses in environmental economics, systems, statistics, or policy, as approved by advisor. A list of potential courses is available from the advisor.
    Courses not on this list can be used at the advisor’s discretion.

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