Computer Science

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The student must take at least 5 courses to satisfy the technical coursework requirement.  These courses may be distributed as follows:

One course (605.6xx or 605.7xx) may be selected from a list of EP courses preapproved by the WSE CS Department. Please find a list of pre-approved EP courses here.

  • At most 1 graduate-level WSE elective course, with the approval of the CS advisor
    • The student must present a formal, written rationale for selecting any non-CS course, together with a copy of the course syllabus. The rationale should include a clear statement of the relationship to the student’s career goals.  It should also explain the computational aspects of the course.
    • The written rationale, syllabus, and advisor’s approval will be kept with the student’s MSEM records.
    • Approval is completely at the discretion of the CS advisor.
    • Approval of any individual student’s elective course will not create a precedent guaranteeing that other students will be able to count the same course toward their 5 course requirement


No more than three graduate-level courses may be taken in one semester by MSEM students in this track.
Also, EN.663.657 Innovation and Design II does not count toward the CS track.

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