Systems Engineering

Sponsored by the Civil & Systems Engineering Department

Required Courses:

  • Two courses with course numbers from EN.560.640-EN.560.659 or EN.560.740–EN.560.759, OR choose one from both
  • Substitutions for courses can be made at the advisor’s discretion.


Elective Courses 

Three courses from any combination of the following: 

  • 560.6xx or above, or 565.4xx or above (excluding seminar)
  • 645.6xx or above (EP Systems Engineering)
  • 570.495 Mathematical Foundations for Public Decision Making
  • 550.661 Foundations of Optimization
  • 570.497 Risk and Decision Analysis
  • 570.608 Uncertainty Modeling for Policy & Management Decision Making
  • 550.400 Mathematical Modeling and Consulting
  • 570.496 Math Models/Urban System
  • 570.607 Energy Planning and Policy Modeling
  • 663.657 Innovation and Design II (per the advisor’s permission)
Courses not on this list can be used at the advisor’s discretion.


605.617 Agile Software Development can count as a management elective for the Systems Engineering track only.

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