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Tejas Arora, MSEM 2019

On internships:

‘Today marks the completion of my internship with Visa. It was a great experience to learn and grown professionally. I got the chance to design, build and deliver new features for the product – B2B Connect. The skills that I learned from the MSEM program were put to use and just wanted to thank you for guiding and teaching me. Lindsey, thank you for the support and assistance.The times are uncertain but I look forward to new challenges and embracing what I learn from Hopkins.’


David Hidinger, MSEM 2018
On Immersion:

“I am confident that my time in Portugal was well spent, unique, and absolutely something that will stand out on my resume. I will be able to discuss this experience in interviews, touching on topics such as lab to life technology transfer, interpersonal team dynamics, and high pressure scenarios necessitating polished presentations and reports. Further, I was able to refine skills critical to success in the workplace. Practicing managing client expectations, defining and defending project scope, building rapport with clients and juggling competing stakeholders project outcomes are all skills that I was able to practice on this trip.”

Kamal Musah, MSEM 2016 

“The JHU M.S.E.M Program offered me a perfect blend of technical & business classes infused with real world projects & experiences that was invaluable in my search for a job post graduation.  The Immersion Program was one of my highlights – a life changing experience in Panama that helped me rediscover my love for simplifying the problem solving process & providing actionable solutions to business problems.”

Schaffer Ochstein, MSEM 2016

“One of the best parts of the Hopkins MSEM program was the immersion project. While I decided to stay in Baltimore, I still enjoyed my time working with my team’s clients at Johns Hopkins Hospital. When applying for jobs the following fall I mentioned my experience in every interview. Each time the interviewer was impressed: I had the opportunity to carry out very similar work that I will be doing as an analyst at a consulting firm. The project consisted of market research, patent/technology review, and strategic planning for our client. At our final presentation, our clients, who all had PhDs, listened to our ideas, even though they were the experts in the field. This real world experience allowed me to use the skills I had acquired in my MSEM classes as well as learn new ones that will be beneficial in my career.”

Oladotun Opasina, MSEM 2016

“The JHU MSEM program was a great place for me to hone my technical skills while improving my interpersonal and communication skills. The degree program has proven to be extremely value as I transition to a workplace that emphasizes the need for both skills. I am grateful for my experience at Hopkins and thankful to the amazing MSEM Professors and Faculty for teaching me.”

Erik von Heijne, MSEM 2013

“Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the MSEM program is the combination of a top-flight education in business topics with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of technical concentrations.
The heavy focus on effective communication and business-style writing gives graduates of the MSEM program a huge advantage in the workplace, where the ability to convey complicated subject matter in a simple and efficient manner continues to be a highly valued skillset. The flexibility in choosing technical electives offers students the ability to gear their educations towards a wide variety of future careers, and allowed me to gain the technical skills that I use every day as a quantitative analyst. Finally, the keystone project of creating and pitching a full business plan gives students a high-level appreciation of the business process that adds valuable perspective, whether at a start-up or a multinational corporation. I can confidently say that completing the MSEM program was crucial in obtaining my current position performing data analysis and simulation at a top-tier financial firm.”

Max Wieder, MSEM 2012

“MSEM helped me a lot in my job. I was able to get a promotion in under 2 years and got a lateral move to a Systems Engineering Requirements Manager position. I interact with customers, upper level management, principal/chief engineers, and systems engineers on a daily basis now. I am also responsible for creating new process and training when it comes to proper systems engineering requirements and architecture work. The information and skills I learned at MSEM was crucial in getting me to this point in my career and at such an accelerated rate.”

Faraz Khalik, MSEM 2010

“I was part of the inaugural MSEM class of 2010 and learned a lot from the professors and coursework. Coming from an engineering background, it was helpful to learn interviewing skills, resume reviews, business tactics and strategy, and overall management skills. The program also helped me improve my writing skills and gave me a different perspective on what to expect in the real-world. The professors are very approachable, and will give their input with any job applications or advice in general. Upon graduation, I received an offer from Deloitte Consulting and have been working there since.”


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