Business Analyst, Strategy & Operational Performance (S&OP) Team

Job Title:

Business Analyst, Strategy & Operational Performance (S&OP) Team


Company description:

Micro Focus is the world’s seventh largest software vendor with 5,000 partners and 50,000 customers, working with 97 of the Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Micro Focus is a multinational software company with annual revenue of more than $1B. The company combined with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software to become the largest tech company listed on the UK FTSE.


Position description:

This is a unique position and opportunity to join a world-class Strategy & Operational Performance Consulting team at one of the most iconic tech brands in the world.  Micro Focus is seeking incredibly talented individuals to conduct consulting and enterprise transformation studies throughout all organizations in the company.


The opportunity to deliver impact in this position is staggering.  You will report directly to the head of the S&OP team, who is a Bain and KKR Capstone alum, who reports directly to the CEO.  The S&OP team has very wide scope of authority and autonomy, with a charter to identify opportunities and then implement large-scale organizational, process, and mindsets and behavioral transformations throughout Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Customer Service.


Business Analysts will essentially manage “consulting engagements” throughout the company, and serve as “management consultants who just happen to be Micro Focus employees.”  The primary difference is the opportunity to not only develop solutions during a diagnostic phase of a typical consulting engagement, but Business Analysts will also help to manage teams to deliver on and capture those ROIC gains.  (Unlike at a consulting firm, you will never develop a game changing plan, only to have the client say, “Thanks for the deck,” and then shelve it.  Instead, every solution developed will be implemented, and results and impact tracked and monitored closely.)  Beyond that, Business Analysts will develop significant people leadership capabilities by helping to develop, mentor, and coach personnel across every functional area, throughout the company, as part of each engagement.

Compensation:  Competitive

Base salary range:  Competitive

Additional elements:

Work/life balance.

Purpose, mastery, and autonomy.


Internal clients are eager and excited to have you taking a leading role in transforming the business and excited to implement the changes you have proposed.


The S&OP team is very focused on personal and professional development, and above all else has an operating philosophy that “While this is a job, this should never feel like WORK.  Instead, it should feel like a great, fun time, where you’re delivering incredible impact every moment of every day, that you just happen to get paid for.”



The ideal candidate will be a high performing college senior or graduate student who is looking for an opportunity to deliver significant impact.  The candidate must have the desire to build truly transformational change plans, and then the gumption and the influence skills to see those plans implemented successfully by their teams of company personnel.



The ideal candidate will have very strong personal influence skills and executive presence.  Business Analysts will not only need to deliver powerful, impactful plans, but help shepherd company personnel through the process, help develop skills and capabilities of those personnel so that they have the abilities and mindsets to successfully implement those plans, and build a continuous improvement process and capability within the organization to ensure that post-engagement there continues to be on-going capture of ROIC gains.



Anthony DeFurio

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