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MSEM: Global, Connected, Entrepreneurial

About MSEM


• Top engineering, science and math graduates from all over the globe – from Australia to India, Canada to California – choose to pursue the MSEM degree at JHU’s prestigious Whiting School of Engineering.

• Between first and second semesters, our students explore business cultures at home and abroad through our Immersion Experience.

• This year students are consulting for start-up clients in Portugal, Israel, Denmark and Baltimore.


• MSEM is a small cohort – based program designed to create strong networks for life. Do you see yourself starting a company or a social enterprise? Creating new technology? Working in Silicon Valley or a top consulting firm? Our faculty and alums put their contacts to work, developing opportunities for you to build the career you want.

• Our flexible, customizable program centers on a combination of technical concentration and management courses, positioning you to innovate technically while building your professional acumen. See the expanding list of our interdisciplinary technical concentrations under Program Structure and Requirements.


• You intend to be a leader who shapes the future. All of our resources are focused on preparing you to achieve that goal. Your management courses stress leadership, teamwork, ethics and innovation in a real world context.

• Our mentored internship program encourages you to reflect on your work experience in real time and guides you to improved performance.

• Your Immersion Experience takes you into the start-up environment, positioning you for the challenges of entrepreneurship and commercial translation, no matter what field you choose.

Summer Internship
• Our mentored internship program encourages you to reflect on your work experience in real time and guides you to improved performance. While students are responsible for finding their own positions, Dr. Bill Smedick, our MSEM Internship Director, and JHU Career Services can help with your search. Most students take this 3 credit course during the summer between the second and third semesters, although incoming students who have arranged for an internship during the summer prior to enrollment may take the course prior to first semester. While the program does not require the internship course, we strongly encourage it. Previous MSEM students have interned with The Bahri Group, EDis, JHU School of Medicine, McKinsey, Siemens, SVS Venture Club, Transamerica and Under Armour, for example.

Requirements: The internship must be approved by the Dr. Smedick and must be at least 8 weeks in duration, but may be longer. The course includes regularly scheduled meetings with the Internship Director, usually by phone or skype, a class presentation in the fall and a final report related to the internship experience. For more information, please contact Dr. Smedick: [email protected]

• MSEM students are recruited by and have found employment at organizations including 3M, Accenture, Amazon, Amgen, Applications Online, LLC, Axiomtek, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Boston Scientific, CapitalOne, CitiBank, Clark Construction, Cummins, Deloitte, DoD, Exxon, Fawn Industries, Goldman Sachs, Human BioServices, IBM, McKinsey, NAVAIR, Pizza Hut, PWC, T. Rowe Price, Tishman Construction, Videology, and WalletHub. Several graduates have formed their own start-ups and are pursuing those ventures.

The median starting salary is $75,000; the highest salary reported in 2016 was $105,000 with a $10,000 bonus and the lowest was $67,000 with a 15% stock option.

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