Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

February 16, 2021

Sponsored by the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Required Courses: (5) *must be 600-level
Approval of substitutions for required courses are at the discretion of the technical advisor.
Core Requirements:

  1. EN.540.671 Advanced Thermodynamics in Practice
  2. EN.540.604 Advanced Transport Phenomena in Practice
  3. EN.540.673 Chemical Reaction Engineering in Practice**


**New policy change regarding the Core 3 course requirement:

  • Effective for students entering Fall 2021 or later, any of the following six courses can count towards Core 3, regardless of undergraduate background:
    • EN.540.673 Adv Chemical Reaction Eng in Practice (now to be held in Spring 2023 and future Springs)
    • EN.540.602 Metabolic Systems Biotechnology (typically held in Fall, not held Fall 2022)
    • EN.540.615 Interfacial Science w/ App to Nano Systems (typically held in Fall)
    • EN.540.632 Projects in Design: Pharmacokinetics (typically held in Fall)
    • EN.540.638 Adv Topics in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics I (typically held in Spring)
    • EN.540.681 Molecular Kinetics and Catalysis (typically held in Spring)


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