Home2Homewood Experience

October 29, 2019

Current MSEM Student, Zihao Shen, will be graduating in one year thanks to the Home2Homewood program at JHU. Congrats, Zihao!  Learn more about H2H here:  https://msem.engineering.jhu.edu/home2homewood-2/



Read about Zihao’s Experience with Home2Homewood:

By taking the Home2Homewood (H2H) program, I will be able to finish the MSEM degree at Johns Hopkins University within one year (three semesters: summer19 + fall19 + spring20). H2H is a plan to help students begin their courses before they are arrive at the Homewood campus.

I wanted to start my degree as early as possible so that I could start my job search right after my graduation. However, as an international student, I cannot begin taking courses until the program start date, as reflected on my I-20. I contacted Dr. Pamela Sheff, the director of the MSEM program; she also serves as my management concentration advisor. I also spoke with my technical advisor to see if I would be able to take courses during the summer. They kindly helped me and suggested some approved online Engineering for Professionals (EP) courses that would count toward my degree. I started taking two courses, which has allowed me to complete MSEM in one year.

Why it was the best choice?

The primary reason for doing H2H is to complete my degree as soon as possible. Also, the schedule of the online courses is more flexible, which means I am not required to login at a specific time for a live session. I was therefore able to utilize that time to work as an intern and gain career experience. Additionally, an online course meant lower tuition and minimized additional living costs. Most importantly, taking online courses helped me learn self-discipline and responsibility. Ultimately, online courses helped me prepare for challenges and for a heavier workload in the fall semester.


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